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Stories of the Messiah

With Rabbi Schneider

Stories of the Messiah with Rabbi Schneider explores biblical icons like Noah and David, revealing how their stories intertwine with Jesus, our ultimate hero. These pivotal individuals highlight historic feats and foreshadow Jesus as a beacon of hope.

Part 2 of this podcast, Nativity: Hope is Born, revisits the pivotal event of Christmas, navigating through prophecies and a nation’s deep longing for their Messiah. Beyond the account of Christ’s birth, it celebrates God’s boundless love for humanity.

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About Rabbi Schneider

In 1978, a vision of Jesus on the cross appeared to a young Jewish man, awakening his faith and leading him to passionately pursue Messiah Jesus. This man, Messianic Rabbi K. A. Schneider, immersed himself in the New Testament and has since dedicated over four decades to spreading the word of God. He now hosts "Discovering The Jewish Jesus," a television and radio program that offers deep insights into Jesus’ Jewish heritage and Messianic prophecy, available to millions globally.

Several years ago, Rabbi Schneider was called by God to be an evangelist, leading him to witness thousands of salvations through broadcasts and global outreaches.

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Stories of the Messiah Devotionals

The Road to Bethlehem III

Mary and Joseph's faith is tested.

The Road to Bethlehem II

Mary and Joseph's journey teaches us about love amid challenges.

The Decree

The path for Mary and Joseph is only going to get more difficult.

The Road to Bethlehem I

God's promises stand firm.